International Autumn School, France 2017

The first French-speaking international school of GLI Paris was held at the Bergerie de Villarceaux in Ile de France from 20 to 22 November 2017.

98 trade union representatives, researchers and associated actors from 15 countries gathered to think about the role of trade union organizations in the transformation of global governance. Participants took part in a number of workshops over three days , working together to pool their tools, to capitalize on their experiences and to implement joint projects.

Developing transnational inter-trade union alliances
The stories of experiences of inter-union alliances made it possible to understand the ways to promote transnational coordination in the improvement of the working conditions and the power of the unions.

Experimenting with new forms of unionisation
Several workshops made it possible to share the organising experiences in some of the most remote sectors of trade unions and identify good practices to overcome obstacles. This included the unionization of bicycle couriers with the CLAP (Collective of Self-Employed Delivery Managers of Paris), the unionization of the chambermaids with the CNT SO-ReAct partnership, unionization informal transport workers in Uganda, unionization of workers seconded from the building with the CGT and its European partners.

Unclogging Union Struggles
The university was an opportunity to share the experiences of alliances between the labor movement and other social movements, discuss the rights of women in the trade union movement and reflect on the role of unions in the fight against climate change.
Activists also took part in informal discussions, meetings with other union activists, parties to sing songs of struggle, exchange contacts and smiles and to prepare for future labour struggles.

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