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GLI Manchester is a not-for-profit company, established in 2010, working closely with a range of global union federations, national trade unions, research institutions and workers’ education organisations.

It conducts education, capacity-building and research on international labour movement development and organising strategies. It has specialist international experience in political education, organisation and trade union policy with informal economy workers, and the design and management of international workers’ education programmes.

GLI Manchester undertakes research, design and delivery of international courses and meetings for senior workplace reps in specific industrial sectors or corporations. Each is designed to create or strengthen cross-border organisation and solidarity between unions to build collective power in the global workspace, working closely with the appropriate Global Union Federations.

It also designs, manages and evaluates longer-term international projects to support trade union development and organisation. GLI Manchester currently coordinates the Informal Transport Workers Project of the International Transportworker’s Federation (ITF), supporting unions and informal workers’ assocations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and undertakes independent evaluations for the ILO.

GLI Manchester is responsible for the organisation of the GLI Network’s annual UK International Summer School.

GLI Manchester currently coordinates the GLI Network.