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ReAct was founded in 2010 based on the shared understanding that big corporations and their excessive focus on profits are the cause of most social and environmental injustices. In order to combat this, ReAct supports trade unions and affected communities across the francophone world, aiming to build a social power that can match the corporations and defend the rights of the many.

This support is enacted through the presence of organizers that ReAct has in various countries. Based in France, with organisers in Cameroon and Liberia, and activists in Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, Sierra Leone and Cambodia. These agents help local activists organize and contribute to changing the conditions of their country.

ReAct’s Missions

  • Organize: to help create trade unions and give voice to the people through strong citizen alliances.
  • Unite: to ally trade unions, NGOs, activists and community associations and lead them to victory.
  • Act: to gather, to plant cassava in the fields of Bolloré, to occupy toilets in solidarity with cleaning ladies, to requisition and redistribute McDonalds burgers, to encourage people to speak out.
  • Globalize: to coordinate call centres in France and Morocco, and electricians in Italy, Malaysia and the Philippines.

ReAct, as GLI Paris, aims to create a place of debate and education on international syndicalism in the francophone world, unique thanks to its openness to researchers and NGOs, and democratically led by the contributing trade unions.

It runs many projects, of which one is the Université Syndicale – the francophone GLI School.