GLI Network Publications


GLI Manchester: Informal Passenger Transport Beyond COVID-19: A Trade Union Guide to Worker-Led Formalisation

GLI Manchester: Dakar Bus Rapid Transit: Labour Impact Assessment

GLI Manchester: Kampala Bus Rapid Transit Report: Understanding Kampala’s Paratransit Market Structure

TUED Working Paper #13: “Transition in Trouble? The Rise and Fall of ‘Community Energy’ in Europe”

GLI Manchester: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – A Trade Union Negotiating Guide


TUED Working Paper #12: The Road less Travelled – Reclaiming Public Transport for Climate Ready Mobility

GLI Manchester: Nairobi Bus Rapid Transit Labour Impact Assessment Research Report


TUED Working Paper #11: Trade Unions and Just Transition – The Search for a Transformative Politics

GLI Manchester: Nairobi Bus Rapid Transit Labour Impact Assessment


TUED Working Paper #10: Preparing a Public Pathway: Confronting the Investment Crisis in Renewable Energy

TUED Working Paper #9: Energy Transition: Are We ‘Winning’?


TUED Working Paper #8: Up From Development: A Framework for Energy Transition in India

TUED Working Paper #7: An Illness to One Is the Concern of All: The Health Impacts of Rising Fossil Fuel Use

TUED Working paper #6: Carbon Markets After Paris: Trading in Trouble


TUED Working Paper #5: Hard Facts About Coal: Why Trade Unions Should Re-evaluate Support for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

TUED Working Paper #4: Power to the People: Toward Democratic Control of Electrical Power Generation

TUED Working Paper #3: Syriza’s Program and the Transition to Renewable Power


TUED Working Paper #2: Climate Change and the Great Inaction: New Trade Union Perspectives

TUED Working Paper #1: Global Shale Gas and the Anti-Fracking Movement: Developing Union Perspectives and Approaches


TUED’s Framwork Document: Resist, Reclaim, Restructure: Unions and the Struggle for Energy Democracy

GLI Manchester: Organising Precarious Transport Workers

GLI Manchester: Precarious Labour and Decent Work in the Transport Industry

GLI Manchester: Organising Home-Based Workers in Bulgaria

GLI Geneva: The WFTU: Hydroponic Stalinism

GLI Manchester: The Future and Praxis of Decent Work


GLI Manchester: The Only School We Have: Learning from Organizing Experiences Across the Informal Economy

GLI Manchester: Promoting the ILO Convention Home Work Conention (C177) and the Rights of Homeworkers – A Manual for Workers’ Educators and Facilitators

GLI Manchester: Trade Union Education and the Organising Agenda

GLI Geneva: Romanian Edition of Dan Gallin’s The Labour Movement

GLI Geneva: Informal Economy Workers and the International Trade Union Movement – An Overview

GLI New York: The Impact of Tar Sands Pipelines Spills on Employment and the Economy


GLI Manchester: Transport Workers in the Urban Informal Economy: Livelihood Profile

GLI Manchester: Taking Stock – Decent Work Opportunities for Women and Men in the Informal Economy

GLI Manchester: Organizing Workers in the Informal Economy: Institutional Forms and Relationships

GLI New York: Pipe Dreams: Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost by the Construction of Keystone XL