GLI Rabochaya Politika

GLI Rabochaya Politika joined the GLI Network in 2013. The Praxis Center is the independent, voluntary collective, founded in 1998 by scholars and social movements activists grouped around the Victor Serge Public Library.

The Praxis Center studies social and political thought as well as the historical experience of workers’ and other liberation movements, and develops and disseminates radical humanist, internationalist, democratic socialist and libertarian ideas. It assists social movements fighting for human rights and freedoms, social justice popular self-government and self-management. It does this through organising the Victor Serge Library, publishing, undertaking research, education and participation in social campaigns and actions.

The Victor Serge Library, founded in 1997, contains over 6,000 documents in six languages devoted to the history and theory of anti-totalitarian socialism, as well as to literature. The Praxis Center translates, publishes and distributes books, devoted to the history and theory of anti-totalitarian socialism, as well as literature. Special attention is paid to translation and publication of works in other languages previously unavailable to Russian readers.

The Praxis Center brings together scholars, activists and researchers engaged in problems of social, political and economic theory as well as studies of various aspects of history of the anti-totalitarian left. The results of this research are discussed at seminars and annual international conferences organized by Praxis in Moscow.

It is also an ideaological and political laboratory, bringing together representatives of various tendencies among democratic and lobertarian left and promoting dialogue between them. Praxis provides them with an open space at the Library and on its website for discussions of contemporary socio-political problems and the elaboration of new ideas.

In common with all GLI Network organisations, the Praxis Center supports human rights, humanitarian, trade union, ecological and other progressive campaigns and actions, through solidarity, support and advice.