Global Trade Union Assembly: Pandemic & Beyond: Workers Organizing for a Public Future

A Series of Virtual Meetings during July, August and September 2020

In response to the ongoing public health and economic crises, more than 30 trade union bodies from 18 countries have come together to convene a global assembly. Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) has been working with the convening unions to coordinate preparations for the Assembly.

Titled “Pandemic and Beyond: Workers Organizing for a Public Future,” the Assembly will take place as a series of 2-hour, virtual meetings during July, August and September 2020. The opening session will take place on July 9th. The final session will take place on September 10th. The full program is available on the Assembly website.

The aim of the Assembly is to further build North-South solidarity and deepen our analysis of the many impacts of COVID19, both immediate and longer term. The convening unions see the Assembly as a means to further promote bold, pro-public solutions that can help address the deep structural flaws in the current system.

The Assembly is open to all trade union members, activists and leaders, as well as movement allies. Please register here.

Sessions will be scheduled to accommodate as many time zones as possible (evening hours for the Asia-Pacific region; mid-afternoon for Europe and Africa; early morning in the Americas).

Interpretation will be available for English, Spanish and French; with accommodation for additional languages if possible, depending on registrations and resources.

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) is a global, multi-sector trade union initiative to advance democratic direction and control of energy in a way that promotes solutions to the climate crisis, energy poverty, the degradation of both land and people, and responds to the attacks on workers’ rights and protections. TUED is is part of the Global Labour Institute Network.
For more information on how your union can be part of TUED, see here.